Soft & Hard Sofa

Is sitting soft = not durable?

The seat cushion is mainly divided into three layers, and the uppermost layer is composed of pearls and latex, which determines the softness and hardness of the sofa.

And the middle layer is high-density latex and independent spring, as well as the strongest rubber and manganese treatment at the bottom. The high-strength S-shaped spring is the main factor to support the whole sofa, making the sofa more durable.

How to choose the sofa that suits you and your family?

The following 4 points should be considered when choosing a sofa:

  • Size
    Plan to place the sofa and then determine the number of seats.
  • Style
    Need to match the decoration, layout and personal preferences of the home.
  • Color
    Need to match the color of the floor and the color of the wall, as well as the individual’s requirements for color.
  • Sitting feeling
    Most of the high hugs feeling the sofa are soft and close, while the high support sofa is mostly hard.

Arm Chair

Usually used with 2 seaters or 3 seats sofa, on the one hand providing enough seats.On the other hand, it is possible to plan the dining room and the living room in response to the needs of the living room, so that the living room is more stylish.
With the 2 seaters or 3 seaters, the sofa can increase the eye contact between people and bring them happiness. The joyful atmosphere brings the relationship of each person closer.


Two seaters sofa

Since it uses less amount of space, the flexibility of planning the living room is relatively high, whether the living room is diagonally designed or the integrated dining room design can be flexibly deployed.
If you have enough space, choose a 3 seaters sofa to further bring out the gorgeous style and practicality.


Three seaters sofa

It is the most common choice. Most of the planning of Hong Kong buildings today has a 3 seaters sofa space in the living room, which is suitable for dividing the space, placing it againist the wall or making a self-contained corner.


L-shaped sofa

Providing the maximum amount of rest space for the user and also make the living room more stylish without losing the monotony.