Daily Care

The leather sofa should be kept away from heat sources (electric heaters and induction cookers, etc.) for at least 30cm place, long term exposure to heat radiation or hot air gas can cause the leather dry out, lose its elasticity or crack. For the corners and sides of the armrests, backrests, and sears will be relatively obvious. We recommend using a leather-specific protective cleaner to keep the leather moisturizing.

Try to avoid using corrosive or volatile items near the sofa (eg nail polish, bleaching water, Copper Liquid Polish Cleaner, alcohol, paint, spray, etc. If you need to use similar products near the sofa, please cover the sofa first.

Try to avoid pets moving around the sofa, since their nails may hurt the leather surface. Their saliva is also corrosive to the leather.

Because the dust does not penetrate to the leather sofa, so it’s easier to clean. Use a soft piece of rag and clean the sofa with a small amount of leather-specific protective cleaner at least once a week. So the leather sofa is the best choice for the people who are allergic.

In order to extend the life of the dermal comb, it is recommended to use a leather-specific protective cleaner to clean the sofa at least every three months, which is the most effective treatment.

Leather Care

Daily decontamination methods

  • Charcoal drinks or sugary drinks
    Use a paper towel or blotting paper to remove the stains immediately, and do not let the stains infiltrated or dried out. Clean with a wet rag and finally dry with a dry rag.
  • Food or grease
    Dilute the neutralized soap with warm water (distilled water), then soak it with a soft cotton rag, then soak the rag with distilled water. Remove the soap stains and do not rub the surface of the leather as it will damage the surface.
  • Chewing gum
    Use the ice particles on the chewing gum to make the chewing gum harden, and carefully remove the gum residue. Then use a leather-specific protective cleaner to clean it once, and finally use the protective fluid dipped once.
  • Ball pen stain
    Remove the ballpoint stains with a special cleaner immediately. If the stain is dry, it must be treated with a special atomic marker stain remover. 
  • Shoe polish and shoe wax
    Remove the stain with a special cleaner and dip it once with the protective fluid. 

Do not use high chemical cleaning products when cleaning the leather sofa. For general cleaning, use a wet rag to clean. After cleaning, you need to open the window to let the air circulate so that the sofa will not be easy to mold.

Professional leather care set

Leather Protection Cream:

Used to moisturize and increase the abrasion resistance of leather, it is recommended to use it at least once every six months. Shake well before use. First, pour a small amount of protective cream onto the sponge, then apply a uniform layer of texture to allow the protective cream to penetrate into the sofa, Then polish it with a soft rag after 30 minutes.

Leather Soft Cleaner:

For cleaning leather, shake well before use. First, pour a small amount of cleaning liquid on the sponge, then squeeze to the foam, then apply the foam to the sofa. Clean in a circular loop, the biggest the sponge used, the faster the effect of decontamination is. For more effective protection, use Leather Protection Cream after cleaning.

Ink Away:

It is used for cleaning relatively stubborn stains such as atomic pen marks, inks, etc., and can be used within 2 minutes of pollution to achieve the desired effect.

Nano water:

Shake well before use, spray evenly on the combed surface, then use the hair dryer to dry it and it will create a barrier to protect the sofa.