Question 1. Will the delivery be accompanied by installation?
AnswerOf course! We won’t leave until your sofa/sofabed is fully assembled. Moreover, we will clean up all the packaging materials. If you need us to throw away your old sofa, we will be happy to assist you at an extra charge. For details, please refer to our “Discard Old Furniture Service”.

Question 2. Do you deliver the sofa to areas outside Hong Kong?
AnswerYes, please email us at We will provide you with professional advice.

Question 3. How to pay for online shopping?
Answer We chose a simple and reliable online payment system, called “PayPal”.Once you have completed your purchase process, please follow the instructions to complete your payment. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact us at our customer service hotline 29592327 or email us at immediately.

PayPal accepts credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). It is a safer and simpler way to pay online.
PayPal is currently the world’s leading online payment solution and a widely accepted and popular online payment method worldwide. Including eBay, Wal-Mart, Dell…etc. If you want to know more about PayPal, you can visit

We also accept direct credit or transfer to our company’s bank account, please refer to the “Payment Method” for details.

Question 4. Is Cash on Delivery available?
AnswerSorry, we currently only accept the payment methods mentioned above, we do not provide Cash on Delivery. You can also shop directly at our store.

Question 5. How do you arrange the delivery after payment?
AnswerAfter payment, someone will contact you at the phone number you left to arrange delivery within 1 day.

Question 6. Is there a delivery fee?
AnswerDelivery charges in Hong Kong are generally $250, except for Tung Chung, Ma Wan, and Discovery Bay.
For shipping charges and details in other regions, please email us at and we will provide you with more information.

Question 7. What should I do if my products are damaged when I received?
AnswerThis should be your responsibility to check the products at the time that you receive it.
If you feel that the products are damaged, please contact us immediately. Please take a photo and email us first if you can. Please note that if you have signed on our delivery note, it means that you have checked and accepted the goods is in perfect condition. Therefore, you cannot request a replacement if you see any damage in the future.

Question 8. What should I do if the sofa does not match the official picture?
Answer 1. Color does not match: The company’s online shop’s pictures are for reference only. The leather sofa with leather materials may be different from the actual color under different color light sources. We will not accept the request for refund or exchange of the color problems except we mistakenly delivered the wrong products to you.
2. The product does not match: Please contact our hotline and provide us the information immediately. If it is confirmed that the company has mistyped the product so that the sofa does not conform to the official picture, a refund or exchange request will be provided.

Question 9. How is the maintenance of sofa in Sofamark?
AnswerFor all of Sofamark’s sofa, we offer structural maintenance, which is calculated from the day of delivery. This maintenance does not include wear and tear under normal use, such as cloth, leather, and sponge.
Some structural damage may be charged additional costs, such as replacing parts of the electric hinges (the new Transformer Ballast, etc.). Onsite Quotation will be given according to the actual needs. It also does not include negligence/irregular use, abuse, misuse, alteration, or improper cleaning.
Also, if products are damaged by any external factors, such as exposure to sunlight, fire, theft, moisture, damage from pets or insects, dust, dust mites, etc., accidental damage or caused by a third party. Losses are not included in our maintenance.

Question 10. What should we do if we find a problem with the product?
AnswerIf you find any problems with the product under normal use, please take a photo of the problem place immediately and send it to us at Please include the following information:

Your order number, your delivery note with signature, your address and contact details and problems with the sofa.

We will contact you within 24 hours after receiving all your information. We will arrange for the technician to visit if necessary.

If it proves to be a structural problem, we will try our best to repair the problematic part. If the repair still fails to improve, we will provide a replacement service, but will never arrange a refund.

We are also happy to check and repair for you, but there is an extra charge. Onsite Quotation will be given according to the actual needs.

Question 11. How do I know if my order has been received?
AnswerAfter confirming your online order, you will receive an “Email Order Receipt” email to prove that your order has been successfully submitted. An order number and information will be attached to the email for future reference.

Question 12. Can I customize the sofa? Can I change the size of the comb/combed bed I want to buy?

We will try our best to do anything, but please understand that many times we are unable to do these requirements, because it may affect the entire sofa design, please understand that the sofa design and manufacturing is to combine the required materials, which are tight Buckle, for example: In particular, the change of the depth of the sofa , which will make a very significant change in the wooden frame, the spring, the elastic band, the pattern and the filling of the inner material. It will become very expensive because we need to do a few samples to test your order if the size is suitable for production and safe. We will first understand the details of your request and will then quote you for a decision.
However, there are some easier changes, such as extending the length of the combing bed or lowering the high back pad to fit the height of the window sill.

But please be aware that all orders will increase costs and extend the delivery time.

Please call our Customer Service Hotline at 29592327 or email us at and we will be happy to discuss more details with you. 

Question 13. Where are your products come from?
AnswerWe all place orders directly from local legal suppliers of different countries, and we never purchase goods from suppliers with unknown origins.

Question 14. How can I get the latest special offers/promotions?
AnswerAll the latest offers/promotions will be announced on our official Facebook page. Please search for “Sofamark” on Facebook and like our page. We regularly offer different offers and events, so stay tuned.

Question 15. Where can I see your sofa?
AnswerPlease search “Sofamark” on Facebook to see different types of the sofa in Sofamark or go to to check the address of our showroom and try our sofa.