Company Profile

Sofamark Limited motto “Intelligent Sofa Create for Everyone” – this commitment reflects the brand’s core value which is providing the innovative improvement so that Hong Kong families can enjoy high standard of home living environment.

Found in 1999, Sofamark – the combination of “Sofa” and “Supermarket” which implies the variety choices and comprehensive services to the valuable customers.

The long term goal of Sofamark is providing high quality products with affordable price. Ranging from intelligent sofas, tailor-made sofas, Fabric sofas, European brand sofas and other home accessories, Sofamark is striving toward providing high-qualitative home furniture, ensuring those suppliers are passed by international product quality certificate and furniture are not harmful substances contained.

For the past 19 years experience on recliner sofa, Sofamark Limited strives to offer innovative furniture in a forward-looking manner. Particularly, Sofamark focus on improving recliner sofa by enhancing the functions and the design which can match with different home size.

Nowadays, electronic or manual recliner sofa is common in furniture market. Sofamark is the pioneer to developing different functional sofas like “智Slim series” sofa – only 72 inch 3 seater recliner sofa; touching control recliner sofa and hi-fi equipped recliner sofa etc.. This is the breakthrough point that brought consumer a brand-new furniture experience.

Sofamark showrooms are widely located at Hong Kong or even in Macau, in the near future, Sofamark set up their 1st selling point at Taiwan.

In recent year, Sofamark has been invited by various media to sponsor products or on air interviews, including “TVB Anniversary program”, “TVB All Star Glam Exam”, “iCable Sunday Whiz”, Drama ” Waiting for the Match”, Hong Kong Broadband Network “Aplus 510 program”, TVB “J2 Own Sweet Home” etc. Sofamark enhance its band images in Hong Kong market.

Sofamark is dedicated to taking part in social welfare services, especially on the youngster development. The company liaised with HKFYG by offering more working opportunities. The company has been recognized as a “Caring Compay” almost a few years.